PUBG was first released on Early Access back in early 2017. At the time of its release, over one million people bought it in just a couple of days. This meant an otherwise unknown video game suddenly became one of the most popular games in the world. More than two years later, and it still is.

What is PUBG, and why is it still so popular? For so many reasons, it is easy to lose count.

What is PUBG? — Developed by a South Korean company, PUBG is what is known as an online multi-player Battle Royale game. What this means is players are segregated into specific areas, and then fight each other to the death.

PUBG is different than other games of the genre in that, instead of being in an arena, players are parachuted onto an island. They must then find weaponry and, once kitted out with weapons and armor, run through the huge island in an attempt to find other players and kill them. The game is over when there is only one player left alive.

Now you know the premise of PUBG, why is the game still so popular?

The excitement of the game — PUBG is one of the most exciting Battle Royale games, as the island the player is put on is enormous, there are 99 other players to find and to kill, and gameplay can become intense.

For those who are adrenaline junkies, and who love a huge challenge, PUBG is one of the best online games there is.

The challenge of the game — PUBG is an incredibly challenging game that, if you excel at it, can give you a huge boost of self-confidence.

This is because it is difficult to find armor and weaponry, and then it is difficult to find your opponents, unless you use something like a PUBG radar hack. Most of whom are hiding and trying to find you.

It is also difficult to kill 99 other players one by one, and end up being the only player left in the game. So much so, millions of people have played PUBG for months, and have not managed to do that yet.

For gamers who love a huge challenge, games do not get much better than PUBG.

The thrill of winning — When you normally play video games, you are playing against a couple of people online or against the AI of the game itself. This can mean games are not particularly challenging for players who are exceptionally good.

For those players, a game like PUBG is like a dream come true. After all, not only does it give them an enormous challenge if they want to be the last player standing, it also pushes them along the way to be as good as they can be.

Imagine the feeling of having just killed 99 other players, and you will see quickly why PUBG has become such a mainstream and a cult favorite.