If you are looking to download YouTube videos, TubeMate is the perfect app. In fact, if you have not yet download TubeMate to your phone, tablet or computer, you really should. With so many reasons why this app is better that so many others out there, it is no wonder it is one of the most popular downloading apps this year.

Where can you get TubeMate? — The popular YouTube downloader is available on app stores like Android Freeware, Google Play and other popular app stores.

Downloading is easy as well as all you have to do is follow the link to the download section, download it to your device and then open the file so that the installation process begins. For most people, from finding the app to having it on your device and able to be used only takes a few minutes. Once downloaded, and as you see how easy it is, you will soon be wondering why you did not download it a long time ago.

Why is TubeMate better than many other apps? — First and foremost, it is a free app. So you do not have to buy it like you do many other YouTube video download apps.

It is also fast, efficient, will allow you to download any YouTube video there is and in as many different resolutions as you could possibly want.

You can also use TubeMate to download many different videos at once because, as soon as you have clicked on a link to download a video, you can move to the next video you like and immediately download that one as well.

TubeMate will download each video concurrently which, in turn, makes each video download slightly faster than if you were downloading each one separately.

Why is choosing the right resolution important? — When you decide to download a particular YouTube video, TubeMate allows you to choose the resolution for that particular video file.

When it comes to downloading videos with TubeMate, many people’s natural inclination is to download the one with the highest resolution.

That is because, if you have a lot of space on your device’s hard drive, and you do not mind waiting a little while as the file downloads, then a high resolution is a good choice.

If you want the file to download quickly, however, you should choose a lower resolution and worry less about the video playback quality.

How many videos can you download with TubeMate? — Some free video download apps allow you to download a few videos for free, and then they start to charge you.

TubeMate, however, is free and will always be free. That means there is no limit on the number of videos you can download and the app itself does not slow down your downloading rate if you start to download more than a set amount.

Download TubeMate if you want to have a fast efficient YouTube video downloader as soon as you can. You may be surprised at just how good it is.