If you are new to Soundcloud, you will want to get off on the right foot and attract as many new fans as you possibly can.

Thankfully, there are ways to do this that, if you stay consistent with your soundcloud promotion, you can gain a large number of fans quite quickly.

Start with striking artwork — Once your music is ready to be uploaded to Soundcloud, make sure you also have striking artwork to go with it.

Millions of new people search Soundcloud every month for new music, and are often attracted to songs simply because they like the artwork. Make sure yours is bright, colorful and interesting.

Ask for feedback — Once you have uploaded your music, make sure you ask for feedback in the comments. Songs that have a lot of comments often get promoted by the service more. Artists that respond to comments often find they get new fans faster as well.

Check out other artists’ work — There are millions of artists uploading their music to Soundcloud, and most would love to have their music recognized by as many people as possible.

Search for other artists whose music you like, and then promote their work on Soundcloud and on social media. This will attract them to your music, and may even cause them to promote your work as well.

Remember social media — You can connect your Soundcloud to all your social media accounts, and then share your songs on them as well.

You can, of course, do it manually, but Soundcloud also has a system that you can setup one time and then it will automatically share your new uploads.

Soundcloud widgets — Soundcloud also creates widgets for any music uploaded on its site. This makes it easy for you to copy the embed code, and then share it on forums, in chat rooms and on websites where music sharing and promotion is allowed.

And OF COURSE, make sure your vocal and sound mixes sound incredible. There are a few nice pointer videos you can find on Youtube: