Indonesia is, surprisingly to many, the fourth most populous country in the world. The nation is heavily Muslim, but with sizable religious minorities, and habits a chain of islands with large standout cities Bali and Jakarta being the most prominent on the island chain. As a country with a deeply religious population, many people are surprised about the increasing popularity of online poker in the country. Part of the increased popularity of online poker in Indonesia is due to the benefits of online poker over traditional forms of poker, while others are more unique to Indonesia.

The Growing Popularity of Online Poker

Online poker is increasing in popularity around the world. There are many reasons for this. Online poker is easy to play and can be quickly enjoyed while on your couch or even during your daily commute. When this is contrast with traditional poker which required visiting a casino or gathering a group of friends, the attraction of online poker becomes obvious. Instead of waiting for an opportune moment, online poker can be enjoyed at a moment’s notice on your laptop or cellphone. In addition, many online poker websites allow gambling and provide access to doing so, even when gambling is illegal in the country where the poker player lives. People are more likely to take advantage of poker in this regard than to visit a gambling den. Further, an online poker site, like agen poker uang asli, is often viewed as being more fair than other poker dens and a wider range of games are available with players with different skill levels and abilities, as well as gambling pots to compete for.

Gambling Asian Continent in General

Gambling is quite popular across the Asian continent and is ingrained in the culture of many countries, China and Malaysia in particular. Large gambling casino areas have been developed, such as Macau, to foster the gambling tax revenue but also to control and to regulate the industry to whatever extent possible. Gambling, in the form of mahjong and poker are both popular casino games across the Asian continent.

Why Is Online Poker in Indonesia Growing?

In Indonesia, all forms of gambling are currently illegal. This provides players who like to gamble with the inability to partake in gambling to the extent that they may like to. While the Indonesian government is more likely to takeover and shutdown a gambling den, they find it more challenging to close down online poker sites, many of which are located in overseas areas where online gambling and poker is legal. As such, part of the attraction of online poker in Indonesia is the fact that it is a readily available form of gambling that is easily accessible by players, despite the overall illegality of gambling. Further, in a country with deeply religious Muslim roots, a religion that prohibits gambling, online poker can be enjoyed in privacy without letting your neighbors or others know you are gambling. This allows online poker players to enjoy gambling, often without the potential criticisms and repercussions of doing so. Finally, the Indonesian popularity is growing in wealth and developing a middle class that has an increasing amount of disposable income. Many of this disposable income is being diverted to gambling, with online poker being one of the big beneficiaries of this increased wealth by Indonesians.