If you need to have a custom label created for a product that you will soon be putting on the market, you can either do it through a custom label printing company or design it yourself first. If so, here are a few things you should consider before you get started.

The product name should be prominent — Remember, you will be selling a product with the custom label that is placed on it, so make sure the product name is prominent and not hidden within the rest of the label’s information.

A simple, clean design — Be sure that you do not include too much information on the label, as that ends up just making it too jumbled and difficult to read. If anything, include the minimal amount of information necessary, as this will make your product stand out.

Company logo and name — Be sure your company name and logo is also prominently displayed on the label. You do want people to know who made it and who is selling it. Especially if you are trying to establish a loyal clientele.

Clean fonts — One of the big mistakes a novice custom label designer makes is trying to use a complicated font to make the label look prettier. In many cases, this just makes it difficult to read the label and annoys the customer, who is simply likely to put it back on the shelf.

Use clean, modern fonts that are easy to write and nice to look at. Avoid those that are fussy, fancy or too complicated.

Any colors should not be distracting — If you have ever seen novice custom labels that have been created with colors that simply do not match, or with colors that are difficult to read, you will understand why the colors you choose are important.

After all, using a purple font on a black background makes it difficult to read. Any colors that are too complicated or clash also make a label distracting and difficult to read. Keep the colors simple, striking and fresh and your labels will always stand out in a good way.