The Minions Have Returned

The third installment in the Minions film is called Despicable Me 3 and features even more minions including Gru and his twin brother Dru. The references to pop culture and the hilarious gags are back with a focus on the 1980’s. The soundtrack features more Pharrell Williams songs you will not be able to stop singing. This film is another joy filled rollercoaster ride with Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell coming back to be the voices of the over the top of love superspy parents. They are once again setting out to get rid of the evil in the world. The original premise of the movie was centered on a bad guy who could not stop himself from becoming good. This sentiment has been left behind in Despicable Me 3. The original concept of family is addressed in the film and the action will not disappoint. This is an extremely fast paced cartoon fans will enjoy immensely. Trey Parker is the voice of the new nemesis and bubblegum is shot at the audience with a machine gun. The audience is told to chew it and enjoy it. This is probably exactly what they are going to do. Check out the despicable me 3 full movie now!

Want a throwback? Check out the best minion scenes from the first two movies:

The Outrageous Characters

The last film ended when Lucy and Gru were happy in their home with the three girls. This film begins when their livelihood is at risk due to the new boss of their Anti-Villain. When the couple are unable to apprehend the arch villain Balthazar they are fired. When the film begins there are funny stunts, music from Van Halen to A-ha to Michael Jackson and tons of minions for the kids. The action is solid with characters who seem both real and outlandish at the same time. They are all trying to help the special couple through all chaos. The second act begins when the long lost twin brother named Dru appears. He has a cute little swath of blond hair and as Gru’s history comes to light Dru causes everything to change. There is a visit from his mom fueled by outrageous jokes. A french character comes into play and the Minion sketches go way over the top in the most delightful way.

The Total Package

It is obvious the makers of the Despicable Me 3 Movie are having a good time. The film is fun and bonkers and you will clap along with them anyway. The length of the film is 96 minutes and all 550 member of the crew have credits not included in the running time. The pace is astoundingly fast, the gags keep the movie on solid footing and the laughter is real. The franchise for Despicable Me has currently grossed $1.5 million and the money continues to roll. Their recipe for Despicable Me has been honed to perfection and it is likely there will me even more installments in the future. The joke is those involved with the making of the movie will probably be laughing their heads off all the way to their bank.