You Should Have a Designated Marksman Rifle

Shooting is a lot of fun. There are many varieties of weapons to choose from when it comes to shooting guns. The gun you choose will depend on what your requirements are. For example, a handgun or shotgun will do well as a personal defense weapon at home, but won’t be really good for hunting. It is also the same thing in reverse, as a hunting rifle will work terribly as a weapon for defending your home.

Benefits of a DMR

The main benefit of a designated marksman rifle is the range at which you can shoot. It is essentially a semiautomatic weapon that has the range of a sniper. You can accurately shoot targets from around 500 to 600 m. This type of accuracy at range keeps you from getting up close to targets and makes it an excellent choice for hunting. The guns are also quite reliable and you never have to worry about them jamming.

Although they are not as reliable as a bolt action rifle, they still work quite well for the task they are required to perform. Having a high-quality DMR is an essential part of many military units. These weapons have proven themselves over time in harsh conditions. This is why a designated marksman is an essential component of every military team. Even in close range combat, a designated marksman is able to stay far away and pick off targets before other units ever need to get to them.

Using a DMR for Hunting

A DMR can be a worthy replacement of a bolt action rifle for hunting. The bullet caliber is large enough that it has to stopping power for almost any animal, but it is also semi-automatic and you don’t have to worry about the gun jamming. Some people use their AR 10 DMR’s to hunt. It might be strange for someone who is a seasoned hunter to see someone walking around in the forests with a DMR for hunting.

As these weapons get more modern and cheaper, they will be used more often in hunting environments over more expensive bolt action rifles. The fiery is a lot better on these weapons, so you will see them being used by people who don’t often hit the target with the first shot. When you fail to make the first shot, you can follow-up and have a better chance of hitting the target that if you had a bolt action rifle.

Should You Use a DMR for Home Defense?

With these types of weapons, a question always arises. Should you use this weapon for home defense? The answer is it depends. If you are in an urban environment where all targets will be up close, it is a bad idea to use a DMR for home defense. However, on a rural place like a farm, this weapon makes an excellent choice. You can browse available option over at adventurefootstep.