Building the Ultimate Team        

Building your FIFA Ultimate Team can be a fun and addictive process that takes a great deal of time. It is not as simple as you might think. Here are some tips on how to build a powerhouse of a team.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold

All the players in this game are split into three categories; bronze, silver, and gold. These ratings reflect the ability of the athlete in real life while the price of these athletes reflects their popularity in the game. You can mix and match all of these players on your team.

Normal, Rare, and In Form

Each of these three categories is then broken down into three more categories; normal, rare, and in form. Rare makes for a more valuable player than a normal version. In form versions include better stats for players that performed well recently in real life.

Flooding the Transfer Market

During Christmas, more people get and play the game flooding the market, bringing down player prices. Make sure you do not sell your expensive players during this time. Wait for the prices to go back up before you sell. This is a good time to pick up players you have been wanting to get but were too expensive.

The Chemistry System

EA has implemented a chemistry system that improves team stats when used correctly. Players on your team that come from the same team, division, or have the same nationality all improve your team’s chemistry. The manager of your team will also affect this stat.

Complete the Manager Tasks

When starting out you should begin by completing the Manager Tasks. This feature will walk you through how to set up your team, how to use the Transfer Market, and the finer points of the chemistry system. You will also get coin rewards and players for completing these tasks.

Squad Building Challenges

Squad building challenges enable you to trade specific sets of cards for rewards. Collecting the cards needed can be difficult but the rewards are well worth the time and energy you spend. Check out and complete the various squad building challenges to improve your team.

Making Money on the Transfer Market

Buying and selling players on the Transfer Market is a great way to make a lot of money. Take advantage of low priced players that you can sell for a quick profit. Also, during times when the market is flooded, buy up players for cheap and hold on to them until the prices go back up. The Transfer Market is one of the fastest ways to make money in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Collecting Coins

Collecting coins can be done in a variety of ways and can be spent improving your roster. You can buy cheap FIFA coins with real money, sell players on the Transfer Market, and earn coins by winning games. Building the ultimate team will require a lot of thought and coins. Take advantage of the chemistry system to improve your team’s stats.

With all of these gameplay options you will be sure to be entertained as you build your roster and improve your team. By collecting coins and spending them on better players you can build the ultimate team that cannot be beat.