Many free movie streaming site are not legal sites. This means that users must definitely watch their steps on these sites because viruses range wide on them. The many viruses that can be caught include some that lock people out of their computers for a fee, or even more nefariously, these viruses lock them out of their computers with the charge of watching child pornography. These schemes make those locked away from their files pay a fee of up to $300 in some cases to unlock computers. Because many are not safe, those that are free are utilized heavily. The one platform that allows you to watch free movies is 123 movies. Putlocker has movies on the day they are released in some cases, and people with the correct amount of internet security may be able to take advantage of its fight the power mentality in free movie streaming.


Amazon is both a paid service and a free service. Most of its free viewing is available because free movies and television shows are included in people who have subscribed to an Amazon prime account. However, their prime subscription does not include some features. Additionally, Amazon allows users to subscribe to some channels that were previously reserved for cable television like subscriptions to HBO, Starz and other channels like those. The prime account is around $100 for year’s subscription, but a prime account also is utilized throughout the entire Amazon system to give subscribers to a prime account things like free shipping, and many other benefits to prime subscribers.


Netflix is the premiere subscription movie streaming service. It started the streaming revolution by providing a streaming format along with a format in which it mailed compact discs, video games and blu ray discs to homes by regular mail. The turnaround for receiving these discs is only about two days. When they introduced streaming, it virtually took over Netflix’s mail order subscription service although they do still feature this benefit. However, it is included in its highest tier of their paid services package.


However, the king of free movie viewing is still the venerable YouTube. YouTube has some movies that have moved to a pay system before viewing is allowed by the service, but YouTube still has a plethora of free streaming of movies and practically every other form of streaming digital media. This includes movies made by independent organizations and movies made by individuals. Some movie studios and artists keep their content from YouTube viewers, but they are a small minority. Many of these artists continue to post works to gain a viewership or a following, and some utilize content to build channels so that they reap the rewards of advertising.