Have you been hearing about a new mobile app game called Episode: Choose Your Story? It’s been the latest hype around the social media platforms. Don’t believe us? Well, just go to youtube, type in “Episode” and check the thousands of results. Even the biggest tubers had to try it out (even if just for entertainment purposes), e.g.:

Are you considering playing if you can find out how much you are likely to spend on the game over a few months of gameplay?

What is the currency ‘gems’ used for in the game? Do you have to buy a lot of them to be able to play, or are there other ways of getting them that make the game worthwhile without spending huge amounts of money?

Do you have to buy gems? — It is not absolutely necessary to buy gems as you will earn them as the game progresses. Being able to amass a large number of gems can be slow-going however, as you will only be awarded a limited number every day.

The big problem comes in when you really want to be able to experience everything Episodes has to offer. Gems control everything from being able to kiss your love interest to going on a date, so the more gems you have the more experiences are open to you.

This is when many players end up buying gems, as they do not want to wait the weeks necessary to earn them before they can progress in the game. But there are quite a few ways guides on how to get free diamonds on episode.

Should you buy gems? — While the developers of Episode have made a fun game, they have also created a game that can be expensive to play.

After all, many players find themselves buying gems so they can have one experience in the story, then buying more gems a couple of days later when they want to be able to do something else.

This is why it is not always recommended that you buy gems. Not if you are the type of person that gets in a cycle of addiction, and so will continue to want to buy them.

Other ways of getting gems for Episode experiences — For people who do not have a lot of money to spend on the game, a popular way of getting free gems for Episode is to buy them from an online generator.

Of course, you will end up spending money to be able to do this, but it will be less money than the game developers charge for in-game gems.

That is because in-game gems often cost $1 for just three or four gems. With an online gem generator however, you can buy unlimited gems for just a few dollars more.

Where can you find an online game generator? — There are several companies offering gems through their easy-to-use generators. You can find most of them via your usual search engine.

You can also ask other Episode players if there is a reputable online gem generator they recommend.