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Tips for growing your Soundcloud Account

If you are new to Soundcloud, you will want to get off on the right foot and attract as many new fans as you possibly can.

Thankfully, there are ways to do this that, if you stay consistent with your soundcloud promotion, you can gain a large number of fans quite quickly.

Start with striking artwork — Once your music is ready to be uploaded to Soundcloud, make sure you also have striking artwork to go with it.

Millions of new people search Soundcloud every month for new music, and are often attracted to songs simply because they like the artwork. Make sure yours is bright, colorful and interesting.

Ask for feedback — Once you have uploaded your music, make sure you ask for feedback in the comments. Songs that have a lot of comments often get promoted by the service more. Artists that respond to comments often find they get new fans faster as well.

Check out other artists’ work — There are millions of artists uploading their music to Soundcloud, and most would love to have their music recognized by as many people as possible.

Search for other artists whose music you like, and then promote their work on Soundcloud and on social media. This will attract them to your music, and may even cause them to promote your work as well.

Remember social media — You can connect your Soundcloud to all your social media accounts, and then share your songs on them as well.

You can, of course, do it manually, but Soundcloud also has a system that you can setup one time and then it will automatically share your new uploads.

Soundcloud widgets — Soundcloud also creates widgets for any music uploaded on its site. This makes it easy for you to copy the embed code, and then share it on forums, in chat rooms and on websites where music sharing and promotion is allowed.

And OF COURSE, make sure your vocal and sound mixes sound incredible. There are a few nice pointer videos you can find on Youtube:

How online streaming took over the movie and TV niche all over the world

In just the last five or six years, online streaming has taken over both the movie and TV niches to such an extent hundreds of millions of people now get most of their films and TV from them.

How did online streaming (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Couchtuner, etc.) become so popular, though, and why do people love it so much?

The cost — Only a decade ago, if you and your family wanted to see a movie, you would often have to pay more than 70 dollars just for four people to see it. When you consider paying for an online streaming service nowadays costs 10 dollars or just a little more, and for that you can watch unlimited TV and movies, no wonder so many people love it.

The convenience — Not everyone has the time to travel to a movie theater to see a film. Especially after they have been working all day. With Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online streaming services, however, you do not even have to leave your home. Just turn on the TV, go to the online streaming service you usually use, and choose what you want to watch tonight.

A huge selection of movies and TV — With most of the streaming services, you also get an enormous number of TV shows and films to choose from. Plus, you can binge watch your favorite shows one episode after another.

Traveling with online streaming services — Several of the services now allow you to download the movies and TV series you want to watch and take them with you while you travel.

That means you no longer have to worry about having interesting films to watch on a plane, or having something to do if you are stuck waiting for a bus. Just watch the movie or TV series you have downloaded anywhere you happen to be.

Hiring a Web Designer is a MUST-DO!

Why hiring a professional web designer is better than doing it on your own If you need to have a website designed, you may be thinking about doing it yourself. In fact, that could be the worst idea you have ever had if you do not know what you are doing.

Instead of designing the site yourself, hire a professional web designer instead, like Best Website Design in Miami. If you do, you could see your site being far more successful than you expect it to be.

Getting traffic — A site that is fast, looks nice and is easy to navigate will attract a lot more attention than one that is not.

A professional web designer understands exactly what it takes to get a lot of traffic to a site, and he will design yours so that you start to attract visitors as soon as it goes live.

Attracting Google — Google is the world’s most popular search engine. If you want your site to be successful, you have to be able to attract the attention of Google. That comes by implementing the right SEO, or search engine optimization, on your site.

If you do not understand how to use SEO, you are immediately putting your site at a disadvantage to every other site in your niche. This is one big reason why it is so important to hire a professional web designer that does.

Easy to use — If a site is not designed correctly, it becomes very difficult to use for anyone that arrives on it.

A good professional web designer, however, can design your site so that navigation is easy to use, so that photographs look attractive and attract the eye and so that articles are written and placed there in an appealing way.

A fast site — If you do not know how to make a site that is fast, you will quickly fall down the ranks of Google results. This is because speed is very important to Google, and if your site is slow they will put you towards the bottom of search results.

People who arrive on your site will also quickly leave if it loads too slowly.

Hire a professional web designer who knows not only how to design a site so that it loads quickly, but also how to use specific plugins to make it even faster, and you will have a site that attracts both Google and a lot of visitors.

Saving you time — Designing a site that is functional, loads quickly and looks nice takes many many hours. Hours you may just not have.

Hire a professional web designer, however, and not only can he design a site faster than you can, but he can also save you all those hours you would waste designing it yourself. Hours you can then spend writing articles for your site so that, when visitors do arrive on it, there is more for them to read.

While it may be tempting to design a website yourself, unless you have extensive experience in doing so, it just makes more sense to hire a professional web designer instead.

What are the difference between streaming services versus traditional television?

If you have been considering getting a subscription for one of the many streaming services out there, you may be wondering if they are worth it and how do they differ from traditional television.

After all, if you have watched traditional TV for many years, will you really get any better of an experience with a streaming service?

You can watch shows and movies anytime — Most people think streaming services are much better than traditional TV as they do not have to wait for shows to air.

Instead, they can watch their favorite TV shows and movies at any time they like without having to wait for the latest episode.

You can binge watch TV shows — People love streaming services as they can binge watch all their favorite shows. This means you can start watching a show from the first episode and watch every episode in the series until the very end.

With traditional TV, however, you have to wait for each show to air so binge watching is impossible.

A huge selection of movies and TV shows — Most streaming services have tens of thousands of movies and television shows to choose from.

This means you never run out of content to watch, and you will always have access to new things to see.

New content is added often — All streaming services offer new content every month, with thousands of new shows and movies being added.

You will never be bored with streaming services, as you always have something new to watch. With traditional TV, on the other hand, the same shows are aired every week.

Downloading content — If you travel a lot, you do not often have access to your favorite TV shows while you are away with a traditional TV set up. This is especially the case if you travel overseas.

With streaming services, however, you can download any TV shows or movies you would like to watch while you are away and then take them with you on your mobile device. This means you can even watch them when you do not have access to the Internet, and makes them easily available when traveling on planes, trains or buses.

Access to international TV and movies — Unless you have a subscription to a traditional television station offering a lot of international content, you will not be able to access much of it on your TV set.

With streaming services, however, you will have access to a huge amount of TV and movies from other countries. All of it has subtitles in your own language, and so you will be able to see shows and movies you would never get on your traditional TV service.

Documentaries — While you can get documentaries on your TV sets if you have subscriptions to companies like National Geographic, with streaming services these documentaries are readily available.

All of them are also included in the regular monthly fee.

If you are looking for an entirely free site to watch your favorite movies and shows on though at the expense of putting up with ads, check out 123movies.

Let Me Entertain You With A Blog!

Nowadays, many people dedicate their precious time to writing blogs. Blogs have become not only a way for people to unwind and write about their experiences and feelings, but also a place where they can find an Internet community that will support them, and the place where are they will find all the relevant information they were looking for.

This blog in particular, will be dedicated to providing more information about entertainment and world of entertainment. That being said, the world of entertainment is a large notion. “What does that even mean?” – You might wonder. The world of entertainment – well, for me, that means everything that has do to with being entertained; whether it is discussing boardgames, how to spend your free time, giving you ideas how to craft something in your spare time or how to amuse yourself. It’s also a place where are we will discuss art and entertainment, celebrities, movies, TV shows, talk shows, funny videos, viral videos, internet games, computer games, fashion trends, books, theatre plays and many other things that are used for entertainment in everyday life.

Streaming has become the entertainment standard

Streaming has become the entertainment standard

To keep track of the latest Netflix releases we suggest going to

Furthermore, I would more than anything want this blog to be a place where entertainment enthusiasts can get together to discuss topics and that they share an interest in. Also, I am hoping to create a place for everyone to express their opinion and write about their ideas that might help others and inspire others. I would really like to invite you to give feedback and comment on all the topics, but especially the topics that resonate with you and that interest you.

My aspirations for this blog would be to create a community where people will be able to discuss current entertainment topics, as well as find other people who think similarly or inspire your creativity when it comes to finding entertainment. Of course, I am very well aware of that this blog might not be as successful at first, but I also will give my best to write articles about entertainment regularly and provide you with a virtual place where you will be able to get all the latest update about the entertainment world and industry in just one place.

I truly believe that the reason why people spend so much time online looking for a blog which is the most suitable for them is because they cannot find all the information they need in just one place. That is why I will give my best to make this blog a well-composed blog that will somehow incorporate everything you wanted to know about entertainment business and industry in just one blog. I am also encouraging you to give me ideas what to write about and what would interest you as a reader, and what you would like to read about.

All in all, I really hope that you will read this blog often and that I will write often and that all of us will have a blast discussing entertainment!